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Let's get FAT together! That's what real besties do! 


Ok I don't want us to be morbidly obese fat a$$es that can't fit through the door and have to guest star on 600 lbs show. I'm not saying that at all. But as I get older I realize more and more that life is too damn short. There's an expiration date looming over me and I am determined to live my best life and have a hell of a time doing it. I love food. I love making it...serving it to my family and seeing their faces and their occasional (very occasional) thanks...and yes eating it too.

But recently I have to admit that I'm gotten into a rut of the same meals. Bah Humbug! Super sad face.  :( 

I dedicated this part of the blog to finding new recipes - there's tons of them out there and I want to try to as many as I can. I love the copy cat recipes from my favorite restaurants and recently we purchased an air fryer and instant cooker so I'm learning how to use those as well.  I plan to share all the recipes I try and my honest opinion on how good or really bad they came out. I will also share with you some of my all time favorites. You know fat people have the best recipes! :)) 

I want to share your favorites too so send them to me! Let's make a community of great food and happy people eating it! 

Together people...we will eat GREAT $hit! 

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