I KNOW old people need love too! I’m a 1000 years old so I get it BUT come on Granny - I just dont think boom-boom is a good idea!

I love these mind-F* pictures don't you? The ones that make you look at again...and again just to see the hidden image. I envy the artist that can make these look so convincible. Hell I envy the artist that can draw more thank stick figures like me!

This one has been around for years but it's always baffled me a little.

6 beers...come on now? I'm not buying it. Not one bit!

The Granny in the first picture has to be at least 80 years old. The kid in the second picture has to be maybe 25. And yes...I'm old enough to think of all 25 year olds as a kids!

Get over it if you're 25. Say Amen if you're old like me and agree!

So let's picture it...a semi kid/semi old guy walks into a bar. He spots Granny who spends her social security money buying drinks in a booth by herself.

The fatty (yes I just made him a fatty) pops back 6 beers in the few hours that's left before the bar closes. As he walks out the door he spots a hottie in the booth where Granny was. Wondering how he missed her...he comes by and says hey baby!

Only 6 beers wouldn't be enough to turn Estelle Getty into Cinderella!

If you don't know who Getty is...man you're a baby! Go watch some Golden Girls you fool!

So there we are...Estelle thinking she's finally gonna get some! The fat fugally thinking the same! Only he's not drunk....and he's not picturing Cinderella! He would need way more than 6 beers to get here....hell it would take at least 60 for that to occur!

So what's the moral of this story?

He likes them OLD! Real OLD! :)

Don't be ashamed fat fugally - we all love who we love! Embrace the wrinkly boobies and maybe even do a motorboat!

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