Can you see it? I didn't...and I even knew the answer.

I knew this was one of those pictures!

You know the ones that you have to stare at forever to see the real image.

I doubted that this little girl's legs were halfsies.

So there I was...starring at this little girl's legs saying....open open open...throw back to an old Mervyn's commercial!

I was willing it to show me but damn if I didn't see it. Felt like a baby perv staring so hard! WTF little girl...show me WTF is up with your legs!


Can you see it? Don't scroll down until you're ready for the answer. Look hard!

You're about to see it...brace yourself!!

I finally saw it and I actually jumped - which is pretty hard for an old bat like me!

POPCORN! Fuc&king....forking popcorn! Felt like I should get one of those Nobel prize awards for seeing it!!

Don't laugh...it could happen.

Here's the answer that accompanied the picture...

It blends in so well with the ground that it's almost impossible to see it at first glance.

And what's up with that face? Smile girlfriend...you're having your picture taken and you have a big bag of popcorn...what more could you ask for in life?

I love these types of pictures...I love to see if I can solve it! Let me know if you saw it?!


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