I need to bulk buy this $hit!

I love these Vintage inspired sassy tins! I collect them and hang them up in my laundry room. Guess that’s the place that I feel the sassiest. They make me laugh and I love to have things around my house that do.

I like to imagine I’m the sassy lady on the tins!

Telling my family - WHATS up! Yeah bit8hes! Mama’s got a can!

This is not one of my own. I wish it was, it’s so cool. I found the image on Pinterest and instantly loved it.

I imagine I’m holding the can in front of my teenager who just told me the BIGGEST most unbelievable lie that it should belong in the Believe it or not museum because he’s so full of $hit! I mean $hit is oozing out of his skin and he‘a so into it. I’m sure he thinks that he‘s pulling one off on me.

But then out of no where I do a ninja move in front of him. I do a double handspring (not sure if that’s really a thing but sounds good) and without a hair out place I point my double fisted spray can.

This isn’t just ordinary $hit people. It requires 2 cans. 2 big giant economy size fu8kers!

And thats when I pull off the line:

Smells like BULL$hit to me! I say it in a Western slang! I’m channeling people!

He‘s instantly blinded by the aerosol and runs back to his room vowing never to lie again all the while pleading for my forgiveness!

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