Well some of them anyway!

Exactly the opposite of what you're thinking about!

Unless you're thinking it's cool then it's NOT the opposite

and you're a F'ING genius!

Season 1 Trailer: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=06rueu_fh30

I have to admit my first thought was - more superheroes? Really....what are we 12? In my mind I could already tell you the entire show's premise. Boy and girl are walking in a dark alley after a date...because all great dates end up in a dark alley. All of the sudden men in coronavirus masks come out and just when they are about to pounce - here comes the mighty superheroes to SAVE the day...and all that other hero BullS*!

But I was wrong.

This is an anti-superhero show! And it's F'ING awesome!

In the first episode we meet Hughie, whose parents you might have heard about (Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan) and he is a mini mess. He's one of those late 20' something'ers that lives with his dad....has superhero posters on his walls (no I'm not $hitting you) and works at video equipment store probably part time because that's what a super looser would do!

I work part time too....so I can say that!

In Hughie's World, there are...drumroll please....THE SEVEN!

Seven superheroes that are unlike any that we have seen. These superheroes aren't in some secret bat cave...they are corporately sponsored by Vought, an evil organization that manages who they save...who they don't....they've commericalized them...sells their services and uses their gifts for their own agenda.

And oh yeah...these superheroes are kind of entitled pricks!

And the head guy is uber creepy in a...guy next door meets Hannibal Lecter kind of way. Handsome but...creepy scary in a nut shell.

And one day....while standing outside his store...Hughie's fiancé is killed by one of the superheroes he worships. I won't give away how...because she's killed in a very cool morbid obscene way.

And yes it' freaking awesome! Blood everywhere kind of thing. Awwwwsome!

I need major help!

So when one of the Seven kills Hughie's fiancé...the superhero-love-bubble bursts and he sees them for what they really are...and is determined to take them down.

Sounds awesome enough but Hughie is a miserable human up against some pretty powerful A*holes!

So what's a guy to do?

He teams up with a bigger mess....his name is Billy Butcher (AKA Bones from Star Trek). Man I love that guy. He comes in with a backstory of his own. He hates the Seven just as much and even though he he's hesitant at first...he teams up with our weak Hughie and brings his posse that makes up The Boys!

My Two Cents...

I love the different spin that The Boys takes. It's not the ordinary superhero BS...it's more.

It's freaking hilarious. It's smart. It's different. It's unpredictable...and keeps you on your toes and I highly recommend it.

My grade for demented superheroes fighting other more demented superheroes is....


Yup it's that good. Now go watch it already! :)

There's no release date for season 2 but some predict that it would be mid-summer 2020. Here's the trailer for season 2!

Trailer for season 2: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=WYnSEW4sXrk

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