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❤️ I LOVED YOU! ❤️

Okay not YOU...YOU but the Lifetime/Netflix's show YOU.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jY41znJaLGg

Okay bad joke but I couldn't resist.

You have to know something about me to understand why I loved YOU. I am a Dexter-loving...ID watching...murder investigates turns me on kind of girl. Whenever I get turned on I whisper....investigate!

Okay that last part was a little much but you get it.

So that's why this show was perrrrrfect for me!

It's a cat and mouse game. Will he get caught? Won't he? Should he? Why don't I want him to? It's enough to have you on the edge of your seat.

Let me backtrack a bit.

YOU centers around a book store manager named Joe. On the surface Joe looks like a regular run of the mill nice-guy. He's cute. He's friendly. He's funny. He's attentive. He didn't have the best childhood and that’s why finding someone to love is so important to him.

He’s a man on a mission to find love.

But what would he do for love?

For Joe. He would do just about anything. Joe doesn't just fall in love...he falls crazed and obsessed. He's a romanist that wants the perfect girl..the perfect relationship and the perfect happy ending. And man does he he have a warped approach to relationships!

He stalks, lies, commits murder...cover up and oh yeah he's the best boyfriend ever.

Okay I need to seek professional help for that last part.

What could ever go wrong?

A lot. Duh!

He meets Beck one day, when she comes into his book store and immediately decides they were meant for each other even if she doesn't know it yet. He starts to cyber stalk her to find out who she is so he can ingratiate himself into her life. He finds out where she lives so he can hoover outside of her house and watch her comings and goings. He finds out who her friends are so he can 'get in with them good' so they'll tell her how perfect he is.

And sure some of the people in her life will have die. But hey that's the price he's willing to pay for true love.

Is it weird that I thought "aaawww if only my husband could be that way?"

My two cents...

One of the things that I really loved about the show was hearing the voice-over of Joe's character narrating his moves and justifying his actions.

He's not stalking YOU...he's protecting YOU. He murdered some people but hey they weren't good for you to begin with. He's just looking out for YOU.

In his own demented way you start to really like Joe and don't want to see him get caught.

YOU is very bingeable! And during this time that we are trapped at home it's the perfect show.

My grade for hot stalker crazed lunatic perfect boyfriend is....


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