OMG these people are SO desperate! And we get a front-row-view of their downward spiral! It's freakin' awesome! 😁

I‘ve been watching Married at First Sight since Season 1 when Jamie slid down the wall at her wedding reception sobbing about how ugly her new husband was.

If you've never watched the show let me explain the premise. It's supposed to be a twist on arrange marriages. People sign up for the show. They answer questions...get interviewed and then 3 experts determine if they can "match" them with someone else that has also applied for the show. If they find a match, the Bride and Groom meet at the alter for the very first time. They don't know anything about their spouse - not even their name until they meet! After the experiment is over they each decide to either stay in the marriage or get a divorce.

OMG can you imagine? These people have guts...I'll give them that. Desperate guts but still guts.

The newlywed couple spends the night together after their wedding. Yes some go all the way - and then some!

Can anyone say big time whores? 😈

They go on an amazing honeymoon then come back home and move into together. They interact with each other’s friends and family, commingle finances and adjust to married life. Every move captured on video and shared with us - the viewer. Yeah!

What could go wrong?

..a lot!

Over the past 10 seasons we have seen some great disasters!

We've seen both bride and grooms not be attracted to each other. That's not awkward!

Yes it is! And we get to watch! 😉

We've seen overprotective helicopter mama's with some"oh no she didn't!" attitudes. There's been some threatening dads "you better not hurt my baby or I'll 'F" you up!" There's been Ice Queens who don't speak while others made-out so hard we've all been grossed out.

And that's just the wedding!

Whenever I watch the wedding most times I think to myself "self...that's what I call myself..I think this year all of them are going to make it - just look how in love they already seem?"

Then you get to watch the "This season previews" and those are always juicy! You find out that this groom cheated....or that wife was a real biat. This other guy is actually gay and pretending to like girls. And this other guys been sleeping on the floor in the other room to avoid being in the same bed as his wife. These guys over here fight about money whereas this other couple claims they never fight (no one believes you mofos)!

And through it all, each participant has a microphone and a camera following their every move!

What a way to feel good about your life as you watch these poor fuc7ers navigate this mess!

Oh and don't get me started on this season...

One Bride is still kind of sort of thinking about her ex. Another couple can't stop fighting and man do they fight dirty. He cussed her out during the honeymoon!! Another groom is a habitual liar - OMG he's bad at it too! And let's not forget the Groom who just got caught talking to the Bride's friend!

If you haven't checked out Married at First Sight I highly recommend it. You'll feel better about your own mess while being entertained watching these poor saps get their heart torn out on national TV!

Fun times!

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