The Legend Gets Some Fresh Blood 🩸



I wasn’t expecting much when I first started this 3 part series. I was up one night in my office trying to work but first I HAD to find something to watch. It's the only way I work; and yes sometimes I end up watching more then actually working. But that's my process. I tend to gravitate to Netflix when I'm in my office so I pulled it up.

I went through some of my favorites. I’m the type that can watch reruns of reruns. But tonight I wanted something new. I stumbled across this Dracula and I have to admit I did an eye roll. I’m a faithful vampire 🧛‍♂️ watcher and a few of its Dracula inspired predecessors were pretty good. But when PBS' Count Dracula comes to mind first, when you think of Dracula you know you just Jumped the Sharp. But in the end, I clicked on it. I’m a sadist what can I say?

But guess what shocked the $hit out of me?! I actually liked it. Go figure.

Claes Bang (absolutely love that name btw - words that come to my perverse mind are: I've just been banged). Okay I digress. He plays a great Dracula. He's got that old-world charm with the "I'm going to eat you" creepiness. You believe that he's Dracula.

His nemesis is Sister Agatha played by Dolly Wells. As much as I loved his character I loved hers WAY more. She's a bad a$$! You just want to high-five her and say you go girl!

There I go again.

Part one starts off with Jonathan Harker retelling his time with Dracula. He comes to Dracula a healthy lawyer helping him settle a land deal and escapes near death. Dracula consumes his life source and of course his blood. Duh!

Sister Agatha isn’t a normal nun. Shes studied the paranormal and knows all about Dracula. And of course she intends on killing him. Didn’t see that one coming right!

My Two Cents

Netflix has been coming up with some great original content and this Dracula is no exception. I love the character development. Both are strong ruthless in their own way and both are willing to drive off the cliff for what they want. I love how the two characters interact with each other and I love the new spin on this overtold story. It’s original. It’s interesting and leads you wanting more. I know I did!

My grade for blood sucking series with bad ass names like Bang is:


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