Check out what I did with this! You're going to want one too!

Hat Stand


I remember the day that our eyes met and I knew I had to have it!

No I'm talking about my husband but I'm sure he would love it if I did!

I'm talking about the day that I walked into our local thrift store and saw this beauty. And to be completely honest I had NO (zero...zip...nada) idea what it even was. Even still, I knew that I had to have it. I'm like that with most of my purchases. I see something and it's love at first sight!

I walked up to it and it whispered...you need me. I complete you.

I started ugly crying saying...he had me at hello...he had me at hello. Oh wait that's Jerry McGuire.

Coming back to realty!

You might ask how can you buy something that you don't know what it is...and you have no idea what you'll use it for? The answer is...I don't care what it was originally made for, I'll repurpose it to something totally cool. The weirder the object the better. And it has to be love at first sight. If I don't love it. I don't buy it.

So I purchased this beauty for $50 and after doing some research I found out that it was a hat stand that normally runs around $175. High 5 for a great deal.

I placed it in my office and stared at it for a few days willing it to tell me it's purpose. Then I called my Psychiatric to adjust my meds because I was talking to inanimate objects again.

Then it hit me!

My purses!

Like most of us girls, I have an infatuation for my purses. I loved the idea of displaying my bags but never really had a good place. So they stayed tucked away in the back of my closet and I never used them all because it was so much of a hassle getting them down.

Super sad face! 😞

I placed it in my bedroom and one at a time I started hanging my bags and I loved it more and more. Now I can use bags that I haven't seen in years and each time I walk by it...I smile. It is its own piece of art. It makes me happy and is functional at the same time.

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