Check out my new ofrenda!

A Whole New World!

Not exactly what Aladdin and Jasmin were singing about...but here we are under a quarantine, locked in our houses with no place to go!

Super super sad face :((

So what do you do after you've binged a thousand shows and picked a couple of good fights with your husband (because you're not used to being around him SOOO much and he can be kind of an A* sometimes!)?

I know what I had to do...


My house has been SCREAMING for a deep cleaning for a little bit...okay it was more like a couple of...okay I'm too ashamed to say. Let's just say that it got a bit hoarse from all that screaming.

For me a deep clean consists of 2 things:

1. Throw away anything I haven't seen, touched or thought about for 6 months.

2. Find ways to rescue cool $hit and repurpose it into cooler $hit!

#2 is my favorite.

Get your mind out the gutter! :)

But seriously I love to find things around my house that aren't living up to it's potential - and repurposing it into a hallelujah moment!!!

Pause for the aaaaawwwh sound effect!

And this ladies and gents was one of my favorites:

My own ofrenda! Well half ofrenda...half I needed somewhere to put my $hit! But mainly the cool ofrenda part. oooooh!

For us brown peeps and anyone who ever watched Coco you know an ofrenda is a place where we set out pictures and objects of our dead to remember them...to honor them and to allow them to cross over on the Dia de Muertos. That's Halloween for you gringos!

I found this cool tea cart at my local thrift store. It was in terrible shape. The previous owner painted the top of the cart in a chess board pattern (and no I'm not $hitting you) but it was crocked and really badly painted. The word "really" doesn't even cover it...it was uggggly! The wheels were also too small for the cart so it risked breaking apart altogether!

It needed me! It was way too cool to die in that ugly a$$ color! I was doing humanitarian work here people!

Too much? :)

Well that's how I sold it to my husband after I paid $24 for it! He knew better than to argue with me. I was in LOVE! Besides you can easily pay a couple of hundred dollars for a new tea cart so it was a great deal. And the man is a sucker for great deals.

I came home and painted it my favorite color - RED and my husband put on new wheels. He made it into his pet project and went a tad overboard if you ask me. The wheels can hold up to 150 lbs and roll in any direction even diaganol but he was so excited! They're so easily amused aren't they?

All the pieces came from different parts of my house and I loved how everything came together looking so fabulous!

If you're looking for something to spice up a space...always look in your own house before you go out and look in a store especially now when we can't go out at all! Often times I find exactly what I was looking for and don't have to pay to relocate it.

The vases I got from my living room and office. I've kept every flower my husband has ever given to me and love decorating with them. It reminds me how "nice" my husband was...when he's acting like said A*! :) and they do look beautiful too. It also reminds him that I haven't received flowers in a while...so it's a win-win for me!

Super sassy smile ;)

That fabulous picture in the back was actually in my office behind a table. BEHIND A FREAK'N TABLE..what the hell was I thinking right? It's such a nice piece and deserves to be seen.

As some of you know I collect Dia de Muertos skulls. I have a skull table in my living room full of them. I picked out one of my favorites. I bought this one at Ross for about $20.

I imagine myself as that old lady in the hat and black dress paying tribute to my dead. She's always stood beside that box and the two have never been separated.

The tea carts sits in my office right next to my desk now so they can always see me.

I've removed the pictures of my dead out of respect but they normally hang on my Jack Daniels box. Let's just say a lot of them used to love ol' Jack!

Well there you have it. My own ofrenda created using things in my home displayed on my beloved tea cart paying homage to the people that have come before me. I really loved this project and how everything came together. If you have your own ofrenda I would love to see it...send me pics of it!


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