This painting is inlay on a solid wood piece. I’ve never seen anything like this. Guess how much I paid?!? You’ll be shocked! 😳

I started this blog about a decade too late. Over the years, I worked on some pretty cool projects and this was one of them.

I wish I had taken Before Pictures because this was a transformation! It’s awesome what a can of spray paint can do!

Even though it's not a new project, I still wanted to share it.

I love Gustav Klimt's work. If you don’t know his work look it up. I have his art prints all over my office. I have the Kiss of course! I also have Water Snakes, Mother and Child and Golden Tears.

I was at a thrift store one day when I saw it! Our eyes met....and I knew she felt it too! Oh yeah she felt it alright. It was a Gustav Klimt's The Virgin!

I floated across the room with my arms stretched out like I was superman. I couldn't get there fast enough! And when I reached it, I turned around to find my husband who was frustratingly no where in sight! I needed someone to witness my discovery and jump up and down with me and do the Charlton dance or maybe even the I'm slapping your ass dance. Actually it would just be me making a fool out of myself, he would be off to the side pretending he doesn’t know me.

So I ended up standing next to it giving the stank eye to anyone that walked by and curiously looked my way.

Don't even breath on it mofo's! I know karate-kid style karate! Mercy is for the weak!

Now, that I think back they could have just been saying good morning but I didn't care. Those fuc8ers weren't getting my Virgin!

The wood trim was wide weathered (not in a chic way either) and also made of wood. I’m not sure if it was initially sold that way or if someone did it themselves. But it’s really different. I was glad to see the pieces separate so I could easily paint it. The main piece is also very unique. It’s a solid wood piece with the “paint” inlayed in the wood. Ive never seen anything like that before and feel very lucky to have found it.

So here’s what I paid!

I purchased this piece for $29.00.

<enter feelings or jealousy here - go ahead it's okay if you want to plot my death>

When I brought it home I knew I wanted to place it somewhere I would see it all the time because it just made me smile 😊 every time I saw it. Thats the scale that I use when decorating my house. Has to make me smile. I know it sounds corny but sometimes I take the scenic route around my house just to look at all my favorite things.

I painted the trim teal. I love that color. I use it on a lot of projects. I picked this color because I thought it brought out the color of the painting. That and...I had a lot of cans in teal so it was an easy choice.

The best place to buy spray paint is Home Depot. They have an excellent selection and they are way less expensive then Hobby Lobby. It almost half the price.

I ended up placing my Virgin in my living room so now every time I pass through I can see it.

You never know what you'll find at a thrift store that’s why I love shopping there. And if you see something a little rusted...an ugly color or God forbid gold accents consider spray paint. It made all the difference with my project!

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