Will has lived for over 2000 years. You will be SHOCKED when you find out who cursed him to live that long and why. Like OMG shocked 😮 Seriously.

You might even agree why he was cursed. I sure did!

I was really on the fence when I chose this book. Whenever I buy something I always look at the reviews. There were some REALLY great reviews with some REALLY $hitty ones!

The bad ones were mostly centered around one woman’s racist beliefs towards brown people. I guess she wasn‘t feeling my peeps. I didn’t see a problem with it because this woman’s character goes through such a transformation. You can’t see how much she changes unless you see how far off she was to begin with. She was a completely different person at the end. Don’t focus on that. I didn’t.

The good reviews were really good and that’s what ultimately tipped my decision. I’m glad it did because I really liked the book.

I really loved how the author wrote this book. Each character has their own voice. We are inside the mind of all of the main characters. There's about 7-8 of them. Every main character speaks in the first person and we see things through each of their eyes. So when they say something we know why they said it, how they really feel about it and why they feel that way. It's cool to feel connected to each of them. And trust me you really start to care for these characters. So what has Will been up to for 2000 years?

A lot.

What does a man with a curse do? He tries to do good to break the curse.

He helps the people he encounters. And man does he encounter some pretty cool people. In a VERY convincing way, the author writes Will into our History. He meets historical figures like Gandhi, Mark Twain, Mary Shelley author of Frankenstein and even Levi Strauss and countless of others.

But Will is also being hunted.

Will has lived so long that he knows what really happened on that fateful day. They know he knows and have been chasing him for centuries. He's always one step ahead of them but not anymore. They are closer then ever.

OMG..will they get him? Will he ever break the curse? What happens to the other main characters? You'll just have to read the book to find out.

My two cents..

AAAAgggh! I want to tell you how it ends and it's a very cool ending but I don't want to ruin the book for you. For those of you who are amateur Historians you will love how the author intertwines our History with Will. For those of you who love suspense you'll love it too. If you're a dumb stupid idiot then you won't like it! :)

My grade for a guy who lives 2000 years book is....


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