BOOK2: WHO KNEW incest..a CREEPY Grandma..child neglect, murder & more incest could be so good!


For most of us...mature folks, we grew up with this book. For those of you who didn''re losers until you read it at least 3X.

And you have to cry too.

This is a story of an uncle and niece hook up (sorry...but it's true) who run away from their rich family so they can be married and have 4 bouncing incest babies: Christopher, Cathy and twins Cory and Carry. Someone likes the letter 'C'. They are one big happy family. Daddy works. Mommy stays at home spending Daddy's money. It's an American fairy tale!

But suddenly the father/ uncle / great uncle dies in a terrible car accident. And the $hit hits the fan!

You see Corrine (the high maintenance mom) was used to the finer things in life. Guess she wanted her cake on expensive China and her Uncle in her bed. Corrine never worked and her expensive life was not their own...the furniture...the car...the clothes were all purchased on credit. And when Daddy died...the creditors came a' knockin'.

Listen up girls..there's a lesson to be learned here!

So what can a girl like Corrine do? Get a job? Move into a smaller place? Oh no! This Princess did the worse - she went crawling back to her rich mommy and daddy.

Grandma of the year agrees to take them in with one condition. Corrine's father is on his death bed. They have no other heirs. So in order for Corrine to inherit his fortune she must keep her 4 children a secret. You see, Uncle/Dad/Great Uncle was Corrine's father's brother (try to keep up people) and he despised what they have done. He will only forgive Corrine as long as she did not produce children with his brother.

The cover up begins!

Granda and Gradpa live in a mansion and the kids are smuggled in under the cover of darkness into a single room with 2 beds. Their only solace is the enormous attic that is attached to the room.

This attic becomes both their sanctuary and prison for years as they wait for their Grandpa to die. Mommy dearest showers them with stories of how rich they will be - as long as they remain a secret until her dad kicks the bucket!

Will Corrine the greedy mom ever get her hands on Grandpa's money? Will they be rich? Will they be free? Will all of them make it out of that room? You have to read to find out!

- My two cents -

I waited for this book to come out on Audible...and no those m0fos are still not paying me to say that. And when it did, I "read" this book for the first time as an adult. It's still a great book but I have to tell you the incest bothered me more now. Go figure...guess my little perverse mind didn't see any problem with the uncle niece or brother sister hookup. That $hit is only allowable in Games!

I'm not sure if I would recommend it to kids...even though our parents saw no problem with it..but maybe for a younger adult whose mind is already warped by the internet.

My grade for incest novels is...




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