BOOK1: With 4.8 STARS and 26K reviews is this book really worth it?



When I started the book and read the first few pages...I have to admit, I didn't like it. If you're a descent parent like me you have enough guilt in your life that you don't want to hear about this poor kid who watches everyone in her life leave her. First her mom leaves her. Then her brother and bestie leaves her. Her older siblings have already left her. The only one she has left is her mean alcoholic dad.

Super sad face :((

Its enough to want to slit your own wrists. I was half sobbing half pissed off. Wanting to bring her fictional character home with me coupled with an overwhelming vomit lump in my throat at the thought of parenting another child! See my dilemma?!

I get a little lost in my books as you can see.

So there I was a crying angry mess and I was only on Chapter 2 or 3. I didn't know if I should continue reading the book but I figured if I've come this far...might as well finish. So I continued through the sad-mad-love-vomit lump down the rabbit hole.

Thankfully it got better and the story that I found was pretty freaking awesome.

It takes place in two time periods: 1. main character as a kid growing up 2. main character as a grown up engulfed in a murder mystery. At the end the two time periods collide making for a kick a$$ ending.

Did she do it? Was it impossible for her to have done it? Would she have done it if she could? Who really did it?

You'll have to read the story to find out! :))

- My Two Cents -

I really really liked it. I like the two time periods going on simultaneously because you're constantly learning things about her as a child to solve this future murder. It definitely kept things interesting and wanting to read more. I would highly recommend this book to my ID-Investigate (don't forget to whisper as you say it) friends.

So yes...all those 26.000 people actually know what they are talking about! F'ing know-it-alls.

My grade for sad country swamp movies is....




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