That means ABSOLUTELY no one had visited my blog! Not even my mom! I thought there was NO WAY I would get approved!

But I did! I got approved on my 1st try AND in less than 3 days.

I had heard that most people get denied their first time around. Most apply for Google Adsense 2-3X before they finally get accepted. I applied with this in mind. I remember thinking - I’m absolutely positive they aren’t going approve me.

They may even laugh at me because my blog is so ridiculous!

Then I started singing the “Don't laugh at me song.” It was a moment.

I adjusted my expectations because I didn’t want to feel like a complete failure when I got the rejection email. Which I just knew was coming. I started dreading and even avoiding checking my email because I just knew it was in there waiting to mock me. Mature I know!

I avoided it so much that I actually delayed getting my approval email by 3 days! I remember going in there like I was going to the dentist. You know you need to put on your big girl panties but you really wish you could just run. I was looking for key words. I didn’t want to read the entire thing. I was looking for words like “sorry you suck a$$ and we thought we were being punked when we saw your submission” But I couldn‘t find them. I had to read it a couple times because I couldn’t believe it! I had did it!

Then I thought...

I’m a freakin’ Genius! An Adsense goddess! I should be carried on a chaise getting fed chocolate covered 🍓 strawberries!

Pause to adjust my Psychiatric meds. I’m apparently hallucinating again!

Ok I‘m not a genius.

I‘ll pause a moment for you to absorb that shocking news. I know it’s hard to believe.

But seriously the one thing I knew coming into this was that I had no idea what the hell I was doing. I knew, for me to have any chance, I had to learn from other more experienced bloggers who had walked my walk and came out successful.

I started on Pinterest. Man I love Pinterest! I started obsessively reading other blogs and that’s how I learned. Whenever I got to a new part of developing my blog like “how to create a Pinterest business account“ I just searched for it and read every blog, I could on the subject. There‘s SO much good information out there. I highly recommend learning that way.

I used 4 main things to get approved for Google Adsense.

So here’s how I did it!

1. You should have a decent amount of content on your blog.

When I applied, I had 13 blog posts in 5 different sections:

Decor | Bookclub | Recipes | Movie & Shows | Random $hit!

Some sections had more than others but each section had at least one blog post. Most had 2 or 3.

I also tried to make each post at least 800-1000 words. It sounds like a lot but once you get into it it’s pretty easy to do. This blog has over 4600 words so really people it's pretty easy to do.

2. Add pictures! Many bloggers suggest that you use ”high quality“ pictures.

I don’t have any high quality gear. I have an iPhone 7 for goodness sake! I ended up just taking screen shots and editing the pictures on my phone which worked just fine. I have one picture per blog post. I'm trying to have at least 2 for recipes. I think the point is just to have something out there. Oh and don't forget that Wix has their own stock pictures that are FREE; I use all them all the time.

3. Create an “About Me” page.

I didn’t have an About Me page until right before I applied. One of the bloggers I read said this page was mandatory to get approved. I’m not sure if this was true or not so I created this page just to be on the safe side.

I’m not the type of blogger who puts their picture on everything and brands their actual name. So I didn’t see the need for it at the beginning. But looking back I’m glad I did it. I added a gallery of pictures that I felt capture the Crazy Biat that’s me with a letter to my readers. Took me 20 minutes to do and may have helped get me approved.

4. Create a Privacy Policy page.

The same blogger that said I needed an About Me page was the same one who told me I needed a Privacy Policy page.

Beware of companies wanting to charge you to create a Policy page for your blog. I went to a “free” service who got all my information and then tried to charge me almost a $100.

I don’t think so mofo$!

I did a basic Google search and found a template on the BBB website. I just added my personal blog information and I copy and pasted to my site. It was REALLY easy to do and took me maybe 15 minutes to do.

You do take the the risk doing your own Privacy policy. I’m not an attorney so I can’t tell you what’s required on it or not. So definitely do your own research.

And that’s it people! Those are the 4 things that I attribute to helping get approved by Google. Hope it helps! if you have questions or thoughts send them to me. Love to hear from you!

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