The Butcher of Men! Because let’s face it sometimes they deserve some butchering!


I have to admit that I purchased this book based upon the cover alone.

Whenever I finish a series I always inwardly sigh. Its hard for me to find my next book sometimes. Most of the time I end up going to Barnes and Nobel website and peruse book covers. A lot of times I don't even read what the book is about until I find a cool cover.

You can tell a lot about a book by its cover. I like the macabre. The weirder, the creepier the book is, the faster I’ll buy it.

And this book was no different.

And what a name! Hells Princess. Butcher of Men! It made me instantly wonder how bad was she? I knew then I had to read it.

And I found out that Belle Gunness was a naughty girl!

And not in the good GRRR way either!

Between 1884 and 1908 she killed 14 people who included her husband and her adopted daughter. Some suspect the number is closer to 40.

Along with her own family members she is also accused of writing to eligible bachelors that responded to her lovelorn column.

Guess that was before eHarmony!

She was a wealthy widow (widow only because she killed the last husband). She promised to marry them but first they had to cash in everything they had and bring cash to the farm.

Uh hello people! Seriously! No one saw through that $hit?!

So these hopeful yet stupid men would show up with bundles of cash. And would end up being buried in her backyard.

But Belle Gunness was no dummy either.

On the verge of getting caught - by the men's family members that tracked her down - she set a fire to her farm. They found small bodies believed to be her children and a decapitated head in the house and she was presumed dead. Some say the fire was a hoax and that Belle never died. Others insisted she did.

And in true American morbid curiosity (that includes me) her death farm became a free for all. People came in droves to her farm. To watch. To participate. Hell, they had picnics while they watched people being dug up.

That's just weird even for me people.

Okay it's not. I would have been there too.

My Two Cents

The book at times is very slow. It's an interesting read but even I had to take the occasional break because it was pretty long and drawn out. Even still I liked the book and enjoyed the Belle Gunness mystery. If you're an ID fan (say it right - whisper) i.n.v.e.s.t.i.g.a.t.e.....then you'll enjoy it too.

My grade for crazy killer farm ladies and her stupid men is!


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