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One of the biggest drawbacks of Wix is the price. I know other Web designing programs are way less expensive. But I decided on Wix because of how easy it was for me to create my website and make it look purrrty.

And no they aren’t paying me to say that either. But if they did - I would totally take their money! 🤨 Don‘t judge!

Here’s what you need to know about Wix costs.

#1. You can create a Wix website for FREE!

The downside is that it comes with Wix ads, their Wix name is part your web address and you can’t monetize it or make money.


When I first created my website I used their free plan. It allowed me to create my website at my own pace and not feel anxious about publishing it because I wasn’t paying anything. So I took my time, got it right and then upgraded my plan when I was ready to publish my website. Most of the tools (if not all) are the same on their free version so I would highly recommend you use their free version to get started.

#2. Wix plans routinely go on sale and are marked off at 50%.

I can’t tell you exactly when they go on sale but it seemed to me that the sales revolved around Holidays and generally last for a couple of days. I upgraded my website when they were advertising for President’s Day So really it’s any Holiday!

When you use their free version they will also advertise their sale on your Dashboard (top right) and anytime you save your website in the box that appears letting you know it’s been saved. They also send you emails so you really can’t miss it.

I’ve never seen them go any higher or lower than 50% off so don’t wait for a better sale to come along.

#3. What kind of plans does Wix have?

The most expensive plan is the VIP plan:

The Pro plan is next at $22 and includes everything the VIP plan does except for the Priority Response and VIP Support.

The next is the Unlimited Plan at $17:

Then finally the Combo plan at $13 has everything the Unlimited plan with the exception of the Ad Vouchers, Booster App and Visitor Analytics App.

#4. So what plan is the best one?

I opted for the Unlimited plan. It had everything that I wanted. I didn’t need an Event calendar nor a Social media logo and it was the least expensive. I didn’t want to pay too much.

With the 50% sale my $17 plan was reduced to $8.50 but alas it wasn’t that simple. Nothing really is!

#5. You can’t buy month-to-month plans with the 50% sale. Wix requires you to buy annual plans. The 50% sale also does NOT include the least expensive Combo plan.

Here were my options:

The longer the plan the more the price is reduced.

3 Years: $6.00 x 36 months = $216

2 Years: $6.75 x 24 months = $162

1 Year: $8.50 x 12 months = $102

I thought the best deal was the 2 year plan so I pony up’d $162.

#6. But that’s not all you pay! There’s more!

My plan came with a free domain for 1 year which expires 2/2021 where I will pay another $14.95 per year. Assuming the price doesn’t increase.

But there’s still more!

Finally I paid $9.90 (for one year) to keep my name and address private. Apparently it’s pretty easy to look up this information otherwise.


I paid $162 for 2 years for my Wix plan. I paid $9.90 to keep my personal information private. And next year I’ll start paying an additional $14.95 a year for my domain.

1st Year: $171.90 to get started.

2nd Year: $14.95 (domain) + $9.90 (Privacy settings)

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