....and got lead poisoning too! High-5 for multitasking!

Coming up with a Blog name is hard work!

It needs to be catchy, awe inspiring, riveting, describe you and your purpose and oh yeah be 1-3 words long. That’s a lot of pressure to pick the right name. Its enough to drive you bat $hit crazy!

So let me tell you the basic way I came up with mine.

Question #1. I asked myself...who am I? And no, I wasn't on drugs at the time. First things that passed through my head was:

Best Mom Ever, Super wife...Creative genius.

Pause for lightening strike by God.

Okay it's more like overly worked...exhausted to the bone....crazy nut job....but all that got me was: Exhausted Nut Job Blog. Hmmm....not the best title I thought, so I went looking for other words...words that aren't in my everyday vocablulary.

Action #1: I Google searched "synonyms" but I couldn't remember how to spell the damn thing so my initial search was more like "synomons." But it worked anyway. Go people who can't spell! :)

Action #2: was my answer! Yay me! They have a great word search feature; enter a word and get similar ones. So I just started entering everything that came to mind. And a dozen or so words later...."off the rocker" got me to "Moonstruck." Jackpot!

I instantly loved the word. Loved...loved the word. And I thought it was original too. But I have to be honest I had no idea what it meant. I knew there was a movie but all I remember of it was the monkey-style slapping scene. Go Cher!

Action #3: So I went back to and looked up the definition. I also did a google search for it too. And I was in-love with the definition:


[ moon-struhk ]

mentally deranged, supposedly by the influence of the moon; crazed. dreamily romantic or bemused.

It was totally me! Uh deranged will be on my epitaph.

Maybe too much?

Anyway then I just started playing around with the word and what it could go with. Then it hit me...whose deranged, romantically bemused and crazed? $hit that's me! And that's how I got my name: Moonstruck Mama.

I highly recommend I use it now all the time when I'm writing but it was especially useful in choosing my blog name. Check it out! :)

I'm working on my next blog post: The true cost of Wix. Stay tuned.



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