What happens when a celestial, a vampire and a mortal get together?


On AMC. Now streaming on Hulu

The Preacher is a show on AMC currently in it's 3rd season. It's based on a comic series by DC Comics. It's about Jesse Custer, a boy from a small Texas town who grows up watching his father be a dedicated preacher.

He also watches his dad die at gunpoint in front of him.

Still not sure how that happens. I’m only on the beginning of the 2nd season.

Jesse grows up to be kind of an a$$hole living the "bad" life until something happens that makes him go back home to take up his fathers post as Preacher.

But he's a $hitty one! He does more drinking then preaching. His congregation has only a few members each of them with their own messed up stories.

But then it happens.

Somewhere somehow an entity called Genesis escapes it's confines in Heaven and comes to Earth. Its looking for a human host and searches the globe to find one.

Most aren’t worthy of it. Or maybe not strong enough to hold it. Im not sure of that one either. Nevertheless It ends up wood-chipping most men (one in particular I really enjoyed watching - he’s the one on stage).

Then the Genesis finds our Jesse. It gives him the power of suggestion and a slew of other gifts. He’s convinced that he must save the town. But he’s not alone. Angels are after him. I love the Angels. They are wickedly powerful and regenerate which is freakin hilarious!

It's a really funny show.... angles.... demons ....a hilariously sarcastic vampire....a kick a$$ mortal girl....and one hell of a Preacher. I just finished the first season and am looking forward to watching more. I highly recommend it.

My grade for kick a$$ Preacher show is..


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