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When proverbial monkeys in cages are smarter than you?

I knew I wanted to start this blog. Hell I talked about it for almost 2 years but never did anything about it. I even started obesely reading blog posts on Pinterest with titles such as "having trouble getting your $hit together to start that blog?" Okay I'm paraphrasing but you get my point. 

And then one day, while I was traveling for work...I found myself at a hotel room alone. No distractions. No one screaming MAMA     at the top of their lungs like they were on fire. And that’s when it finally happened. I did it....I downloaded Word Press. I could hear the Heavens open singing hallelujah hallelujah...I was finally on my way and even the freakin' Angels knew it!

I had read enough blog posts to know this is where I needed to go to start my quest. They said idiots could do Word Press. That little monkey's in cages whose only reward were bananas could start a blog using it. Hell they didn't even need both hands...they could even do that $hit one handed.

I’m not a technical guru by far. I‘m finally at the age where my kid knows more than I do. Netflix won’t load - ask my kid. Phone acting demon possessed - find the nearest Millennial. But I have a little experience creating HTML websites back in the day so I thought I had a slight advantage over those damn monkeys. Plus everyone kept saying “it’s SO easy”.

But guess what mofos it’s not easy. It’s forking hard $hit!!

You have to understand that I wanted SO BAD to be able to create in Word Pres. All the experts with blog titles such as "I just earned a Ba-Gillion dollars blogging with Word Press" and I wanted SO BAD to be one of those f'ing Ba-Gillonaires.

So you can imagine how $hitty I felt when I couldn't do it. Everything might as well have been in Japanese no least that's a language....this $hit was in hieroglyphic Japanese. Okay that's not a thing but you get my meaning. There was so much to it. There was pro....not source...plugins. All I knew about was Glade plug ins? WTF right? I spent the next 2-3-4 months starring at it willing it to love me but it never did and eventually I quit the entire thing and my blog stalled yet again.

Super super sad face 😟☹️😫

So if you’re like me and you downloaded WordPress and are clueless dont feel like you’re the only dumba$$ out there. Maybe we can start a club and go after those smarta$$ monkeys.

Thankfully theres hope for us!

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