M&S1: The Matrix Trilogy on Netflix

Does the Matrix have you? If it looks like Neo, it can have me?!

MATRIX...it's SO cool it requires just one name...

And if you've never watched it...then you're not old enough to read my $hit and should look away right now and go help your mama set the table for dinner you little $hit head.

I love watching movies and shows throughout my day. I watch them at work (don't tell my boss), I watch them at home while I'm cleaning, cooking, folding laundry pretty much everywhere while I do everything. I love finding new shows but also watching some of my all time favorites.

I was on Netflix the other day and I rediscovered Matrix. I guess when it originally came out I watched it so much that I burned myself out but now it's fresh and clean and smells like Downy! Ooh Downy!

I digress. But really who doesn't love some Downy!

The first Matrix movie came out in 1999 and it blew our little minds away! It was about a computer programmer named Mr. Anderson. Say it in the real creepy voice...MR. A N D E R S O N. He's living in 2 worlds: one's the boring one we're all in RIGHT NOW and the other is a dark and secret underground computer hacker. He connects with Morpheus, a legendary hacker and domestic terrorist who helps Neo discover the truth about the world he's living in and awakens him to the Matrix.

Basically as predicted by Sarah Connor the machines have taken over and have us cocooned in oval shaped bubbles of goo where they have in-prisoned us in a world that does not exist so they can use us as a source of power. Can anyone say: Ewww!

Neo isn't just anyone...he's the ONE (I could have told you that!) and the Matrix's Gestapo Agents are now after them. No one before has ever defeated an Agent.

Will Neo defeat the Agents? Will he go out on a date with me? (paaalease) Will Neo set everyone free? You'll just have to watch to find out!

-My Two Cents-

I really enjoyed re-watching these movies. They are still SO good! The ninja fighting scenes...epic battles...the love making scenes...the love making scenes with Neo. SO good had to say it again. The Matrix trilogy is definitely worth watching and getting your mind of the crappy Matrix filled life we're all in now! :)

Holy Moly $hit balls....Matrix 4 comes out May 21, 2021! Woohoo!

(pause for a cartwheel and the ER visit because I'm way too f'ing old to do f'ing cartwheels!)

My grade for hot NEO movies is...


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