Let's watch some 

GREAT $hit!



Where as some people listen to music while they work...I watch TV. I watch while I'm working on my blog. I watch while I'm cleaning my house...I watch on my phone at work...if I could safely watch in the car..hell I would do that too. I've been known to have a day off, find a great show and binge an entire season in ONE day! Don't judge mofo's....I know you have "your shows" too!   :)

I have almost every streaming service there is to have: Hulu, Netflix, Prime and every channel known to man! The way I see it is...I'm home all the time with my kids so I have to be entertained! You know what I'm talking about. Those lil $hits will drive you MAD crazy otherwise! 

My shows are pretty eclectic I love a good ol' fashion SyFy with monsters and magic. Those are my favorite. But I also like the narcosis deranged (kind of like me) serial killer kind too. Basically good vs. evil type $hit. 

I wanted to created a section of my blog dedicated to my love of great movies and shows. There's so much great new stuff out there that goes unnoticed so I want to share with you what I'm watching...and I want you to share what you're watching too. I'll tell you what I thought about it...the good bad and very stupidly $hitty. Together people, we will watch GREAT $hit! 

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