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One of the greatest gifts to an overly exhausted Mama is to give her a great book so she can escape from the perils of the real world! But one of the suckiest things (and there's a lot of them!) is that there's no time to read it! When I was a kid I loved to read...and as my kid's got older I encouraged them to read to the point of bribery! But it had been years...even more (shameful I know) since I read a book cover to cover until I discovered Audible. ...and no those mofo's aren't paying me to say that! Although if they did, I would totally take their money! :) 

I started last February and I couldn't get enough. I read every great book that I always wanted to read and it was such a distraction from my everyday life that it became a little addicting and kind of like a sanctuary. It even made me feel smarter! I would take the long way home just to keep "reading". This was something that I did just for me and I loved it. 

I now go through about 2-3 sometimes 4-5-6 books a month.  

The tough part of reading is finding my next favorite book series and that's harder than it sounds. The books that I read are recommendations from friends...coworkers...hell anyone really. When I find a great author I tend to read all of their other books but sometimes I get stumped on what to read next. I created this part of the site to show what books I've read...if I liked them...hated their guts or stopped reading after Chapter 3. But I also want to hear from you...what great books have you read recently...send them to me. Let's start a kick a$$ book club! Together we will read GREAT $hit! 

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