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I love the word Moonstruck because it basically means I'm deranged. And Lord knows that fits me more then you know. ;) 

I always liked the idea of starting a blog. I liked the idea of having a side hustle...something that would allow me to continue working part time in the outside world. But it was more than that. I liked the idea of creating something beautiful...something of my very own to be proud of. As women we do SO much for others and this was something just for me.

People always say 'write what you know' so that's what I've done here.  I sat down with a blank page and just started creating sections of my favorite things:


  • I am obsessed with decorating my home in a cool...strange and a little morbid fashion. I have a table of assorted skulls right next to my Disney collection. Yup, it's a little much but I wouldn't have it other way.

  • I think books are the best adventure an overly worked and exhausted mama can have.

  • I love to eat and no I don't count calories! You know fat people have the best recipes. 

  • I love my TV shows/movies and am always on the look out for my next binge!

  • And lastly who can say no to some Random $hit?!  

I hope that you will find something on this site that you can connect with and that it will bring you a laugh, a happy tear (down your face or leg!), an eye roll, a good ol' curse word or maybe just a little relief from being you. I know it has for me.  Enjoy!  




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